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New Storefront

June 06, 2015

As you may have noticed, our blog postings have been sporadic in the past 2 years, and we often get an email asking if we are still in business. So here's our explanation why we have been fairly silent in the past couple years.

We started offering our high quality martial art training equipment to sword communities through our website in 2003. As you can imagine, there were not that many e-commerce solutions providers in 2003 and we had to build our online store from scratch. Then, an open source solution called osCommerce came along and we adapted this platform which served us well for a few years. However, as e-commerce world evolved, we found ourselves spending more and more time fixing bugs and security holes on our website (rather than spending more time to make swords!!). In 2013, we finally decided to abandon osCommerce and migrated our website to Prestashop which offered richer features. However, due to our unfamiliarity with the new code structures, we were only able to bring our webstore to about 60% capability of our intended design. 

So, here we are. We outsourced our IT now so we can get back to our true passion; making highest quality martial art swords for our clients around the world.  We found that the blogging is much easier now so I promise you that we will update our progress more frequently in the future. 

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