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Custom Daisho (katana/wak pair) for Corey

- Japanese swords both 7mm thick (traditional) with Bo Hi grooves
- hand polished
- hard target optimized
- no blade engraving
- Katana: 30 inch blade/12 inch handle; Wakizashi: 18 inch blade/8 inch handle
- silver plated habaki
- Kuroyuri tsuba
- dragon handle fittings
- fitting materials, white brass (if unavailable, they will be silver plated)
- dragon menuki
- handle wrap: is it possible to do green silk in XII pattern (note: will discuss with the smith. Typically XII pattern works better with leather. If not possible, will do green silk in XX pattern using Japanese silk from Namikawa)
- black full same
- rice paper black scabbard
- scabbard fittings: SF5-Vine II (silver plated)

- Japanese (katakana  style) engraving on habaki (Shi E Ru Ke I)


Price: $2415 for katana, $1811.25 for wakizashi (75% price of the matching katana)



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