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Practical Haidong Kagum

The MAS Practical Haidong Kagum is made of throughly hardened 0.70% high carbon steel. This is our newest offering to the martial art practitioners who are looking for a reliable entry level steel kagum. If you need a transitionary training sword between your a wooden sword and a sharp real sword (i.e. jingum) trainings, MAS PRactical Kagum may be the best solution to bridge the gap.

  • Blade Length (including collar length): 73cm / 28.5 inches
  • Handle Length: 27cm / 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 950g / 2.1 lbs (without scabbard)
  • Blade Polish: machine polished with artificial temperline
  • Gumjip(scabbard): black kashu lacquered finish with metal fittings
  • Hyuljo(blood groove): yes
  • Hwando Magi (collar): yellow brass
  • Kodungi (hand guard): yellow brass
  • Fitting materials: blackened brass
  • Handle undercover: 100% genuine stingray skin
  • Handle Wrap: black polyester

WARNING: Kagums can cause serious bodily harm if a person is hit by one. Please do not consider these as toys. While kagums provide much safer training alternative to a jingum, high level of caution and alertness, equivalent to using a live blade, must be exercised at all times.

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