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6 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Sword

February 26, 2018

6 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Sword

Are you planning to buy a new sword? If so, there are a few things you should consider.

#1) Purpose

For what purpose are you buying the sword? Most people purchase swords for one of two reasons: to use in martial arts or to collect. If you want to use it in martial arts, you should choose a sword with a strong, well-forged blade; otherwise, it may break or sustain damage upon impact.

#2) Metal

You should also consider the metal from which the sword was made. Some of the most popular martial arts swords are made of high-carbon steel. With a higher concentration of carbon than traditional stainless steel, it offers a superior level of strength and durability. However, aluminum swords are also a popular choice, as they typically cost less than their high-carbon steel counterpart.

#3) Tsuba

A sword's tsuba is more than just an aesthetic feature; it provides real functionality and purpose. For centuries, some of the world's finest swords have been constructed with a tsuba. Found between the blade and the handle, it's designed to protect the user from self-injury. Traditional Japanese swords like the katana (see above) often have a circular-shaped tsuba for improved safety.

#4) Blade Polish

How was the sword's blade polished? Some manufacturers attempt to cut corners by using automated polishing methods, resulting in a lackluster finished product. Swordsmiths in feudal Japan, however, acknowledged the importance of polishing a sword's blade. After the blade was forged, they would spend up to two weeks polishing it. Today, you can still purchase high-quality swords that are polished by hand using natural stone.

#5) Weight

Of course, you should also consider weight when choosing a sword. If it's too heavy, you may have trouble using it in martial arts practices. While weight varies depending on a variety of factors, most swords weigh roughly 2 pounds to 4 pounds. This offers a balanced weight that's easily to hold and use for most individuals.

#6) Style

Finally, consider the style when choosing a sword. Featuring a curved single-edge blade, the katana is one of the world's most recognized swords. It originated in feudal Japan many centuries ago. And even after all these years, it remains the preferred choice among sword collectors and martial arts practitioners alike. The Korean jingum, however, is another popular sword. Like the katana, it's made with an exceptional level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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