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2016 Christmas Sale and Store Closure

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Administrator

Our annual Christmas Sale is back!!

All our in-stock and custom swords prices are discounted until December 25th. The last day we will ship our products in 2016 is December 26th.

The store will be closed December 27, 2016 until January 31, 2017. We will be at the forge in South Korea to improve our QA process and upgrade some equipment. We will take custom orders while we are at the forge but we will not be shipping anything during the closure period.

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New Site Logo

Posted on July 04, 2015 by Administrator

After using Xuanwu (Hyunmu) as our forge symbol for almost 15 years, we decided to change our logo with the new website launch. Initially, we were just going to use stylized Chinese characters for Bu Tou Ken but we decided to add silhouettes of 2 sword smiths on the left to honour our current and previous master smiths, Mr.W. Kim and Mr. Y. Park. 

The Chinese calligraphy is based on 張猛龍碑 (Zhangmenglong Bei, a monument established in AD. 522 China).

Our designer provided us a couple of different logos and we are currently using the white background version.

Here is black background version

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US Battodo Federation East Coast Taikai 2015

Posted on June 20, 2015 by Administrator

The East Coast Tai Kai 2015, international Japanese Sword Seminar, Shinsa and Competition organized by the US Battodo Federation, will be held on August  27-29 in Florida.

Two full days of instruction in multiple sword arts and related skills will be held on Thursday and Friday, as well as Dan level grading for three different Japanese Sword Organizations: the Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iaido Renmei, the Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei, and the US Federation of Batto Do.

Martialartswords.com is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the event again with an L6 katana donation. The katana will be awarded to a competition winner. This is our 4th time sponsoring this great event. We love how you guys love our products! Thanks for being great customers for more than a decade.

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