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Custom Jingum and Kagum for Matt Babin

Order #1 Custom Jingum

Sword Type:   Korean Jingum
Blade Cross-sectional Geometry:   6 mm Thick with Bo-hi
Blade Edge Sharpening:   Hard Target Optimized
Blade Polish:   Mirror Polish
Blade Engraving:   None
Blade length:   28 inches
Handle Length:   11 inches
Habaki:   Double
Fitting Materials:   Yellow Brass
Menuki:   M8-Lion Dogs
Tsuba:   Flame
Handle Fittings:   FK20-Feather
Handle Wrap:  yellow  Silk XX Style
Handle Core (Stingray skin):   Black Full Same
Scabbard:   Black
Scabbard Fittings:   SF6-Feather II
Scabbard Inlay:   None
Extra Scabbard:   Black
Special instructions:   yellow sageo

Retail Price: $2,165
Wholesale Discounted Price: $1,515.50


Order #2 Custom Kagum

Sword Type:  Aluminum Kagum
Blade Engraving:  None
Blade length:  25.5 inches
Handle Length:  10 inches
Habaki:  Silver Plated
Fitting Materials:  White Brass
Tsuba:  Sun flower
Menuki:  M1-Aoi Leaves
Handle Fittings:  FK11-Butterfly
Handle Wrap:  Black Silk XX Style
Handle Core:  Black
Scabbard:  Black
Scabbard Fittings:  SF3-Crown
Scabbard Inlay:  None
Extra Scabbard:  None

Retail Price: $669
Wholesale Discounted Price: $535.20


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