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Custom Katana for James Kil

Sword Type:   Japanese Katana  
Blade Cross-sectional Geometry:   7 mm Thick  
Blade Edge Sharpening:   Hard Target Optimized  
Blade Polish:   Hand Polish  
Blade Engraving:   DragoCustom sword  
Blade length:   31 inches  
Handle Length:   10.5 inches  
Habaki:   Classic  
Fitting Materials:   Blackened Brass  
Menuki:   M15-Dragon  
Tsuba:   Huanglong  
Handle Fittings:   FK4-Dragon  
Handle Wrap:   Black Silk XX Style  
Handle Core (Stingray skin):   Black  
Scabbard:   Black  
Scabbard Fittings:   SF3-Crown  
Scabbard Inlay:   None  
Extra Scabbard:   None  

Some additional details as discussed via email.


Additional note (original request):

  • Gold Dragon Tsuba (Black Background):  
    • Double Sided (Dragon's Face will not be upside-down on Both Blade & Tsuka Sides)
    • NO Decorative Holes (Kozuka Ana & Kogai Ana)
    • 8 CM Perfect Circular Maru Gata ( Not Mokko Gata)
    • Gold Cross Crest at the Center-Top of Tsuba (between Dragon's Face and Tail)
    • Refer the Attached Tsuba Photos
  • Toushin:  
    • Horimono Starting Point:  Right-Next-To Habaki (NOT in the Middle of Blade.  Refer the Attached Example Photo)
  • Menuki (Dragon):  Golden Yellow Color
  • Saya:  
    • Space between Koiguchi & Kurigata:  7.5 CM
    • Saya Fitting:  Black Color
    • U.S. Air Force Crest:  Right-Next-To Kojiri, Golden Yellow Color (do NOT put the word U.S. Air Force; Crest ONLY.  Refer the Attached Example Photo)
    • Sageo:  Dark Blue Color
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