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Custom Sword Project 'Heaven & Earth'

Sword Type:   Japanese Katana  
Blade Cross-sectional Geometry:   7 mm Thick with Bo-Hi  
Blade Edge Sharpening:  Hard  Target Optimized   (e.g. bamboo cutting)
Blade Polish:   Mirror Polish  
Blade Engraving:   None  
Blade length:  Between 27 and  28 inches  (Note: this is total draw length. To be confirmed by the Smith based on the fitting size)
Handle Length:  ( to be determined by the smith based on the fitting size, balance and proportion)
Habaki: 24K gold plated with cat's scratch (diagonal lines)
Seppa: gold plated
Fitting Materials:  N/A. Customer Supplied  
Menuki:  Customer Supplied (traditional style under ito)
Tsuba:  Customer Supplied
Handle Fittings:  Customer Supplied
Handle Wrap:   Medium Brown ito XX style (Hinerimaki style)  
Handle Core (Stingray skin):   Full Same  - White
Scabbard:   Medium brown with Ocean Tide finish
Scabbard Fittings:   SF1-Buffalo Horn Fittings  
Scabbard Inlay:   None  
Extra Scabbard:   None  

Sageo: Contrasting Dark Brown



Address to ship the parts:

C/O Jun Oh
12-2350 Britannia Road West
Mississauga, ON L5M6A7
Tel: 416-937-7377

Please use either USPS or FedEx with tracking. Please do not use UPS or DHL as we had bad experiences (swords got lost). As you are shipping antique pieces, it would be a good idea to insure them.

As the sword is exported from the USA and imported in Canada, you will be required to fill out the reason for export.

The export reason is 'Warranty Repair/Return' ( PLEASE USE EXACT WORDS) and the value is $100 (Note: this is not the value of the item but the cost of work that will be done on the pieces. We are not really doing any work on the pieces so it is actually zero but $0 is not usually accepted by the customs). 

Alternately, you can declare the full value and specify that they are antiques older than 100 years. All certification document must accompany. 



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