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Dragon Jingum (mother-of-pearl dragon inlayed scabbard)

This is our past work. If you would like to commission a similar item, please contact us for details.

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  • Geometry: Traditional
  • Blade Length: 29 inches
  • Blood Groove (Bo-hi): No
  • Blade Carving (Horimono): None
  • Blade Polish: Hand Polish
  • Handle Length: 11 inches
  • Handle Wrap: Brown Cotton (XX style)
  • Habaki: Default
  • Tsuba: Matsu (sukashi)
  • Fitting Style: Wave
  • Fitting Material: Blackened Brass
  • Scabbard (Saya) fitting: buffalo horn
  • Scabbard (Saya) Color: Black
  • Scabbard (Saya) Inlay: None
  • Extra Scabbard (Saya): No
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