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James Kil saya/tsuba package

Custom Tsuba

● Overall Design: Gold Dragon with Black Background (Huanglong Tsuba Model)
● Image Design Single / Double Sides: Double Sides (Dragon's Face will not be upside-down on Both Blade & Tsuka Sides)
● Tsuba Shape: Full Circular Maru Gata Shape (Not Mokko Gata or Not Oval Shape)
● Diameter: 8 CM X 8 CM
● Thickness: 4 MM
● Nakago Ana Size: 27 MM X 7 MM
● Decorative Holes (Kozuka Ana & Kogai Ana) Yes / No: No Decorative Holes
● Special Customized Design: Gold Cross Crest at the Center-Top of Tsuba (between Dragon's Face and Tail)
● Note:

○ Refer the Attached Tsuba Photos
○ Sword Tsuba options are exactly the same as the previous order (# 1589).
○ For the overall Tsuba, would you coat its entire surface so that the Tsuba color will be permanently preserved, and get unfaded, please? --> What we can try is to put clear lacquer coating after carving the tsuba. We are not sure how long it will last though.

Unit cost: $240


Custom Saya

Customization Instruction:

● Color: Black
● Space between Koiguchi & Kurigata: 7.5 CM
● Saya Fitting: SF3 - Crown (Color: Black) on Koiguchi & Kojiri
● Shitodome on Kurigata Yes / No: Yes
● Shinto Ryu Battodo Organization Monshou Crest:
○ Right-Next-To Kojiri
○ Double Sides (Front & Rear)
○ Golden Yellow Color
○ Refer the Attached Photos

● Sageo:

○ Color: Dark Blue
○ Length: 230 CM

● Note:

○ Image of Shinto Ryu Battodo Organization Monshou Crest is attached.
○ Sword Saya options are exactly the same as the previous order (# 1589).

Unit cost: $450

Customs clearance and sword shipping cost: $360


Total: $1,050

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