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MartialArtSwords.com is proud to be the first vendor to offer the Korean style Samgakdo sword. The samgakdo, also known as triangular sword, is designed for jipdan or mat-cutting practice and should NEVER be used on hard targets such as bamboo.

The blades are tempered and the handle is fixed at two points for additional durability. The blades are hand polished to reveal a wavy temperline.

  • Blade Length: 72cm / 28 inches
  • Handle Length: 27cm / 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 810 g (1.78 lbs) mounted, 1000 g (2.2 lbs) with scabbard
  • Blade finish: martial art polish by hand
  • Temperline: wavy
  • Gumjip(scabbard): Black Kashu Lacquered finish
  • Hwandomagi: solid brass or white brass(wind) NOTE: some of the pictures show the old samgakdo image with yellow brass gummagi.
  • Gumjaroo: stingray skin
  • Handle Wrap: genuine leather
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