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L6 steel Iaito

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L6 steel Iaito is a great tool for practicing correct draws and cutting. The bo-hi on the side of the blade make distinctive sound when a cut is executed correctly. The blade is throughly hardened and it is resistive to bending.

The construction of an L6 steel iaito is identical to a real katana, including the use of genuine stingray skin (same) in construction of tsuka. The tsuka is double pegged. The blade is not differentially hardened and the hamon is artificially made.

  • Blade length: 72cm (27.5 inches)
  • Handle length: 27cm (10.5 inches)
  • Weight: 1150g with saya, 870 g without saya
  • Blade material: throughly hardened L6
  • Fitting material: Antiqued brass
  • Habaki: Solid brass
  • Handle wrap: Genuine stingray skin + black silk ito from Japan
  • Saya color: black (with buffalo horn)
  • Sageo: Black (Namikawa Heibei)

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