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Rurouni Kenshin Sakabato (reverse blade)

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Since the popular Japanese anime was aired, many of our customers have requested us to make a sakabato. After almost 20 years of being asked, we finally decided to make a limited number of them.  

These reverse blade katanas are made of L6 alloy steel and the blades are diferentially hardened. These are fully functional katanas that can be used for tameshigiri practices. 

For the background information on sakabato, please visit the Wikia page here.


Blade length: 73 cm (total draw length including habaki length)
Handle length: 28 cm
Fitting material: blackened brass
Menuki: M3-katana
Tsuba: 2 hole plain
Fuchi/Kashiara: FK15-Grain
Handle core construction: black same panels
Handle wrap: black silk


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