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Equipped with all standard features of our katana models such as superior cutting ability, high durability and great balance, our L6 wakizashi would be a great companion sword for your katana in training and in competition. All fittings are permanently semi-blackened to give an antique appearance.

The blades are made of forged steel from Japan and differentially heat treated. A sugu hamon is gently visible on the blade. The handles are fixed at one point with bamboo menuki. The scabbard, handle, and tsuba are all handmade and they are perfectly fitted for each sword. The handle is covered with ray skin (Same) and wrapped with cotton.
All our swords are NEWLY MADE for serious martial art practice, not collectible antiques. This is a great sword for intermediate to advanced level practitioners.
  • Blade Length (nagasa): 52cm / 20.5 inches
  • Handle Length: 18cm / 7 inches
  • Weight: 610 g (1.34 lbs) mounted, 790 g (1.74 lbs) with saya
  • Polishing: Mirror polish
  • Saya(scabbard): Black Kashu Lacquered finish with buffalo horn pieces
  • Bo Hi(blood groove): None
  • Habaki: antiqued brass
  • Menuki: antiqued brass dragon
  • Tsuba: antiqued brass (2 Hole Plain)
  • Same: 100% genuine stingray skin
  • Handle Wrap: black cotton
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