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The product is sold out. However, we are currently accepting orders for the next shipment.

Martialartswords.com has acquired exclusive sales right of Changpogem by Mr. Yong Soo Park. Mr. Park was an invited smith to Masters of Fire: International Contemporary Bladesmith Exhibition held at the Macau Museum of Art in 2005.

Changpogeom, a Korean straight double-edged sword, is a reproduction of a traditional changpo-geom sword that was used by Royal Secret Service during the Chosun dynasty. Changpo is a type of iris and the name of the sword came from the fact that the blade resembles an iris leaf. It is normally disguised as a walking stick and used only in emergency. The blade of the new changpo-geom made by Mr. Park was slightly broadened so that it can be used as a cutting and thrusting weapon.

The changpogeom will be offered as seen in the picture. However, if a customer wishes, the handle can be wrapped with non-slippery leather for better grip.

Commissioning orders only. Delivery time is 16 weeks after the order.

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